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We are Christa Hoffman and Monique van den Eijkhof-van der Tak.

Christa lives in a house with a large garden, just steps from a forest. Monique lives in a green area with additional attached living room and a large garden. Together we have 6 American Bulldogs (Johnson-Classic Type) 


For Christa the love for American Bulldogs started in 1993 and she is since 1995 the proud owner of this particular breed of dog. Monique was in love since 2009 when she encountered her first AB and has never again been without these fantastic dogs.


The desire to breed started long ago and we have frequently thought about it because it is not something you "just" do. You should get well prepared and of course also have the right healthy dogs for your breeding program. Monique made her first steps in breeders world since 2014 and like Christa at the time, after first seriously deepened into the breeding program. The combination of our dogs Vega and Platon of this year, brought us together and resulted in this cooperation. We hope to be able to continue for a very long time. 



 Our first American Bulldogs were not suitable in terms of health, but the later generations and our current dogs are. This suitability also includes a good character. They also released several times on a show and have all won awards. Currently we also have champions in the bloodline. So they are also approved by judges. (Which of course also counts in the suitability ) We are now already working on 2nd generation ATS dogs. The youngest members will undergo several health tests, but are already free from NCL and Ichthyosis.


In the meantime we continue well concerned with our plans; Breeding of the Johnson American Bulldog in a modest home. The pups will be born in the family circle were we will give a lot of attention to the socialization. (sound, cats, children, traffic etc.) Breeding will be limited since we will not re-home to make room for fresh “blood”. This is a personal choice and not a criticism of breeders who otherwise deal with it.


The wellbeing of our dogs comes first and then the rest!



Christa and Monique are living  separately, but have a  joint dream: to bring healthy, sweet and beautiful American Bulldogs in to this world and find them a forever loving home.



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