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Twelve stunning 3rd generation AtTheSource puppies (10 males, 2 females) from the top combination:


Mira of AtTheSource aka Cruella ( Multi first prize winner)


Dorje of Ostergaard (Champion)



Both parents are very extensively healthtested and declared very suitable for breeding


Cruella: HD/ED/NCL/Ichty, OCD,  Spondylose,  Patella luxatie,  Entropion en Ectropion.

Dorje: HD/ED/NCL/Ichty


Both dogs are very healthy, with good breathing, have great characters, look great and come from stunning and old bloodlines by also frequently health tested dogs, with lots of prize winners and various champions in blood lines.


1st choice male:          Reserved                   1st choice female:       Reserved

2nd choice male:        Reserved                   2nd choice female:     Reserved

3rd choice male:         In option       

Not to worry! we have 10 males in the litter.


The puppies grow up in our home and get all the possible socialization.

Once they are 8 weeks they can go to their new owners. 

(Abroad, depending on the prevailing laws)


All including:

-           EKC pedigree

-           Health certificate by a licensed veterinarian and pet passport

-           1st inoculation with 6 weeks

-           Various deworming (every 2 weeks)

-           Excellent start of the socialization (sounds/children/traffic/etc)

-           Chip

-           Sales contract with 12 months warranty.

-           Puppie package (including nutrition for the 1st week)


We continue to be available, his/her life long, for questions and/or advice.


For the experts among you some well-known names from the bloodlines:

Multi Champion AtTheSource Platon of KBH

Champion Ostergaard’s Ramstein of Manstoppers

Champion Grave Digger of Bulls of Crown 

Multi Champion Von Avalon’s Goggles of GWK

Iron Man Tyson of MGK

Johnson’s Incredi-Bull Hannah ( BST, IDT3, GDT)

Ostergaard’s Titan

Von Avalon’s Hope

MGK’s Mountain Gator Red (IWPA Gold Medalist)

OSB’s Matrix the Maniac

ABNA Champion Bullforce Snuggs of Excel


For more information about us or this combination, please contact us

AtTheSource, Breeder of American Bulldogs | christa.atthesource@gmail.com / monique.atthesource@gmail.com